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Awareness Session –
expand your mind!

Discover what’s behind creativity and its huge impact on the business world. Experience the power of creativity and fall in love with its beauty! In 30-90 min speeches you will enjoy discovering what keeps yourself from being creative.
We’ll light up the spark that you need to get your next creative endeavor started.

Location, time, and number of participants are flexible. Just book your session and we will sort out what works best for you, your team, or your event.

Talking Creativity

In our Podcast Talking Creativity, we discuss the potential of creativity as the #1 skill for the future of our business and societal world. We enjoy having great guests sharing their wide variety of experiences about creative practice in their domain. Learn more about the wonderful human ability of being creative through real stories and you probably become a little bit more creative from episode to episode.

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Starter Workshops
let’s introduce you to your future

You know that creativity is the key to develop something that doesn’t exist before. But you don’t know how or where to get started? In our starter workshops we will delve deeper into the practices of extraordinarily creative people. Through exercises and thought experiments, you will establish a common understanding of what creativity is (and is not) and why practicing creativity is so important for you and your team.

You will learn how to prioritize this power skill to apply it to every complex challenge ahead through applicable programs. Together, we discuss how a way forward towards more creativity in your daily business life could look like. And most importantly: We will enjoy playing around new possibilities together!

  • half/full day workshops
  • team (5-50 people)

individual pricing

Unleash your creativity:
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You thought becoming more creative was that easy? Too good to be true!

Investing in creativity to solve your challenges takes time. We work with science-based approaches to create environments that foster the creativity of you, your team, and the entire organization. What’s your creative challenge?

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