You know exactly what your challenge is.
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Discovery Engine
explore the new

Discover customer needs and generate out-of-the-box solutions in a structured approach. Take part in our science-based, practice-proven project support for teams in the very early stages of any innovation endeavor. Through this program, you discover problems really worth solving and develop creative sparks to further elaborate on.

  • Over 4 weeks
  • part-time
  • Compatible with daily business
  • Virtual daily doses of creativity (45 min)
  • Kick-off & workshop sessions can be in-person

Our world is becoming increasingly complex, with (technological) change being the only constant. In a future, where everything seems possible, but no one knows how it might look like, it is on you to create the future through your creativity. The Discovery Engine provides you with a structured approach to creating something new in your field of expertise.

Together with a team of like-minded pioneers, channel your creativity in daily creative sessions and dive deep into the problem and solution space of your topic. Learn and apply proven methods to step out of the known, well-explored paths and create new ones – always striving to not converging too quickly.

All you need to bring is enough openness to new, ambiguous, and sometimes uncomfortable ways of thinking that might lead you to pathways that would otherwise have remained hidden from you.

Embark on this transformative journey with us and witness the power of incubating, unboxing, and imagining to generate novel yet feasible solution options for your business topics in a future of seemingly boundless possibilities.

  • Science-based program

    In Daily Doses of Creativity we create a habit for divergent thinking and look at your topic from various perspectives. Between the daily doses, we use a Thinker Box to collect all the insights that your brain comes up with while it works further unconsciously.

  • Problem and solution space

    Just like we try not converging too early in terms of solutions, we take a dedicated look into the problem space of your topic. We challenge your implicit assumptions and develop novel solution options that fit better because they are grounded in a deeper understanding of the customer.

  • Compatible with your daily job

    Our program is designed in a way that makes it possible to continue your daily job in parallel to the Discovery Engine. On average, you will spend about two hours per day over a four-week period with the program. Still a long time? Our customers say that they have now realized what it means when people say that creativity takes time.

Discovery X –
customized exploration

How to combine industrial operations with the metaverse? How does a blockchain-based SaaS for production line simulation look? We don’t know, either! But we know how you can find answers on the pressing future challenges that lie ahead of you.

Over a longer period of time, we wil provide you with a customized journey that is designed in a way that maximizes your creative output. While you can focus on understanding future customer challenges and developing novel solutions, we pave your path to get there.

Let us create your future, together.

Crowdstorming Hour
efficient crowd creativity

The Crowdstorming Hour is a digital event that takes place on a platform for creative collaboration. New topics from the organization are presented and a large and diverse crowd of people share their thoughts, ideas and experiences on the respective topic in chat form with the topic owners in parallel.

In this way, we leverage the creative potential of large organizations and make crowd creativity both efficient and enjoyable through gamification mechanisms. By having the greatest possible diversity of participants, which goes beyond the expert panel typically requested, we uncover so-called unknown unknowns – i.e. findings that the topic owners would not have expected to be relevant to the topic at all and thus maximize divergent thinking on an organizational level.

Data Driven Teaming –
teamworking efficiently

Teams are the foundation for developing groundbreaking ideas, efficient processes, and a strong competitive position. But how can you ensure that your teams unleash their full potential?

Using psychometric data allows us to reveal the underlying characteristics and motivation of people who dare to drive the new in innovation projects. Based on an intelligent analysis, we are able to form the most effective teams for your creative challenges ahead. We also support you alongside these creative endeavors with team development measures.

Because a creative team needs to be more than the sum of its parts.

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You thought becoming more creative was that easy? Too good to be true!

Investing in creativity to solve your challenges takes time. We work with science-based approaches to create environments that foster the creativity of you, your team, and the entire organization. What’s your creative challenge?

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