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Master Class
become a creativity expert

Our Master Class is designed to cultivate the 18 behaviors that are essential to grow your creativity and unlock your potential to create the new. Over the course of five modules – Perceiving, Rethinking, Cultivating, Ideating and Sensemaking – we invite you to awaken your creativity alongside a dynamic group of teachers and peers. Find out more now!

Take part in a science-based 5-module creativity program and turn into a creative mastermind:

  • June, 2024 – fully booked
    03.06.-14.06.2024 (virtual live session every day, 9:30am – 1pm, CEST)
  • Nov/Dec, 2024seats available
    06.11.-04.12.2024 (virtual live session every Wednesday, 9am – 5pm, CET)

What to expect:

  • Understanding creativity as a complex human capability
  • Learn how to become more creative as an individual and how to make your team and organization more creative
  • 520 pages workbook with all learnings and applicable tools, techniques, and exercises for you and your team
  • Get to know other creativity enthusiasts from within Siemens and beyond

Master Class ticket – 3210 €
incl. 19% VAT

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  • Science-based program

    With the help of the most up-to-date insights from research, the Creativity Master Class integrates proven methods and activities. By focusing on your own unique creativity profile, the modules form an individual learning experience – and one that’s based in science.

  • Immersive creativity experience

    The modules explore a wide range of practices for creative thinking and are supplemented by engaging in homework assignments. These are intended to be provocative, interactive, and challenging – forcing you to leave your comfort zone and explore the world of creative possibilities.

  • Designed for your (work) life and your team

    Everything you learn in the Master Class can be applied to both your professional and everyday life. Creativity is an invaluable skill that can be applied anywhere and everywhere. Don’t miss the opportunity to develop your #1 skill for the future.

Leading 4 Creativity
heading for success

We will show you how to encourage and orchestrate the interplay of divergent and convergent thinking in both your team and your projects with concrete measures as a team lead.

Based on the levers and measures for creative practice that we provide you with, you will be able to design teamwork and collaboration in projects in ways that maximize creativity. You will get equipped with the toolset that you need to practice for the craftmanship of creative leadership and to ritualize creative behaviors in the people around you. Turn your visions into reality no matter your individual challenge, topic or target!

  • 12 participants
  • remote kickoff session (90 min)
  • 3 days offsite workshop sessions
  • 1 day closing session

individual pricing

Ritual Design
establish winning habits

Together with your team, we show you how to develop unique rituals that help you cultivating creativity sustainably. Through applying and refining these rituals your team will turn creative behavior into a habit. Over time, you generate a library of rituals for creativity that fit your unique way of working and that of your team and organization.

  • 1 year program
  • team (5-15 people)

individual pricing

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You thought becoming more creative was that easy? Too good to be true!

Investing in creativity to solve your challenges takes time. We work with science-based approaches to create environments that foster the creativity of you, your team, and the entire organization. What’s your creative challenge?

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